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Train purely practical selfdefense with us!

You will be pulled by your hair for sure!

Learn to understand the language of the street.
Learn to fight like 'Street Wolves' fight you.
Learn innovative, intuitive and effective selfdefense.

Check our Dutch site for Anti Vandal Training.

Of course you will be beaten with blunt objects!

Learn to adequately deal with misbehavior, aggression, threats and violence.
Learn to perform under pressure, adversity and opposition.
Stand strong in your daily life at home, at work and in your company.
Be more confident in public spaces

Check our Dutch Facebookpage: Sta Vast Zelfverdediging.

Any fight in selfdefense is a heavy burden!

Change your view of misbehavior, aggression, threats and violence.
Change your reactions on misconduct, aggression, threats and violence.
Change your thoughts about misbehavior, aggression, threats and violence..

Check the Facebookpage of our SPZ-Trainer Adrie de Herdt.

Become much more stronger! 

You want to improve your personal security?
You want to function more effectively as a professional?
You want to put your business interests safe yourself?
You want to make your kids more powerful?
You want schoolchildren and/or students respond more assertively??

Check our Dutch schoolchildren and students site 

Help us to strengthen and improve you as our client!

Men, women and children ... all stronger then they ever were.
Come to the our way of training, advice and support on selfdefense.
Come to our Studygroup on Practical Selfdefense.
Come to our trainingfacility at Sta Vast Training in Bussum The Netherlands.
'Sta Vast' is Dutch for 'Stand firm' meaning to 'stand your ground'.

For more information check our Dutch website of Sta Vast Training.

Call us at 0031 (0)6-13886352

Add yourself as a connection to the LinkedIn-page of Adrie de Herdtowner of the Dutch Studygroup Praktical Selfdefense and selfdefense instructor at Sta Vast Training in Bussum The Netherlands.

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