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Empowering every decent citizen! 

Empowering (school)children!

Some parents have already been at the school of their child for over five times. 
To talk to their children's teacher and principal about the misbehavior, aggression, threats and violence their child suffers under.
Parents explain to their children that these nasty kids do so because they grow up in a 'less pleasant environment'.
Until they are fed up and report with their child at the Studygroup Practical Selfdefense. 
They ask us to build resilience into their child.

For more information on the website of our Anti-Huftertrainingen.
Empowering neat adolescent youngsters!

Within our SPZ selfdefense training, young people are physically and mentally challenged to their utmost.
They learn to throw off heavy objects, throw these objects on the ground and to work out on these objects.
They develop strength, coordination and endurance in combination with selfdefense that really works.
In order to make young people less anxious and less fearful.
Not only in social situations, but even in frightening and threatening situations.

For more information check the website of Scholierenzelfverdediging.
Empowering decent adults!

Every real fight in selfdefense will take place in confined spaces, less than square meters wide.
For most adults who do not know, that's a extremely frightening sensation.
At the Study Practical Selfdefense the fight in the limited space just is our specialty.
Moreover, every attacker is armed!
Every adult needs to learn armed and unarmed selfdefense in a confined space.

For more information on our Facebookpage Sta Vast Zelfverdediging.
Empowering all senior-citizens!

Selfdefense training at the Studygroup Practical Selfdefense also builds resilience in senior-citizens.
Senior-citizens again dare to say 'no', dare to defend themselves.
They again tend to better take care of themselves, every day.

For more information check the website of Sta Vast Training.

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