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Professional Skills

Selfdefense training focused purely on the professional at risk!

Front-office employees suffer under daily violence!

From the Dutch government-program Safe Public Task, employers help employees learn dealing safely with violence.
Because ... violence is applied to front-office employees.
In a threatening manner, and even aggressive attacks to Front-Office staff.
Learn to deal effectively with violent individuals.

Please visit the Dutch website of our Anti-Vandal Training.

Never apply a rear choke as a professonal on your opponent!

As professionals we never trained to use the rear choke.
All (former) athletes from various martial arts that joined the Dutch Prison Service that I met, together agreed that the rear choke is a far too risky controltechnique.
None of our group of prisonwardens has ever used the rear choke. 
We had better alternatives.

For more controltechniques visit the Facebookpage of Sta Vast Zelfverdediging.

Any real fight ends on the ground!

Professionals who have experienced this confirm this fact.
Whether you stumble over something, or you get "rubber" legs or you will be thrown by your attacker.
Study groundfighting beside the standing and banging battle.

Please visit the Facebook page of Sta Vast Trainer Adrie de Herdt.

Teachers also must learn to defend themselves!

Teachers sometimes emotionally are broke,  completely beaten down. Literally!
By their pupils, parents of pupils, familymembers and relatives of thier pupils, friends and acquaintances their pupils know.
Our Studygroup Practical Selfdefense provides selfdefensetraining for teachers.

Visit  Scholierenzelfverdediging our Dutch website on selfdefense trainng for teachers and students. 

As a professional, brace yourself under violence!

Our Studygroup Practical Selfdefense provides training for professionals in security, police, armed forces and prison.

For more information visit the Dutch website of Sta Vast Training.
You'll be on you own completely!

In a European prison this selfdefense instrucion team had special training by our Studygroup Practical Selfdefense. 
A controltechnique they learned is how to get a opponent down a flight of stairs on your own.
An innovative, intuitive and effective manner offered by our SPZ-training group.
Sometimes you as a professional can't but operate independently.
Get into action on your own.

For more information visit the Facebook page of SPZ-trainer Adrie de Herdt.

Call us at 0031 (0)6-13886352

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