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Within our Studygroup Practical Selfdefense 'Resilience' means that our students  can defend themselves efficiently in case of emergency. With a confident attitude and appearance as a result.

Building resilience in every citizen!

For everyone living in our country it's important to stand strong for themselves.
It is important to know what you want and what you do not want.
Without any uncertainty dare to defend yourself.

For more information check our (Dutch) website: anti vandal training.

Increase power to enhance resilience!

True resilience is supported by real strength.
Resilience without the necessary mental strength is impossible.
Students demonstrate resilience through perseverance in selfdefense.
Students learn to use maximum strenght to defend themselves.

Check our strengthtraining on our (Dutch) Facebook page:

Learn to work together to strengthen your (children's) resilience!

By joining forces together enhance your empowerment.
Determine each other's strengths and weaknesses open and honest.
Mutually decide which defense one should use together.
Stand together, and go all out to fight (criminal) opponents.
Learn how to stand together through courses our Studygroup Practical Selfdefense can provide.

More information is available at Adrie's Facebookpage.

It's all about how to remain the most assertive!

Resilience means that one can defend himself if needed.
In such a way that one doesn't get hurt.
That one can maintain his property.
And that they will also be able to protect third parties.
Without getting in a fight over this.
Especially for schoolchildren and adolescent students this is important.

Check our Dutch website Scholierenzelfverdediging for more info.

Help me as an advisor, coach and trainer fix your empowerment!

Because it's all about your daily resilient behavior.
Stand your ground, stand up for yourself without harming others if possible.
While you yourself decide what attitude, what conduct will be adequate.
This can only be achieved by acting strong before a crisis occurs.

More information is available on our Dutch website Sta Vast Training.

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