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'Selfdefense' within our Studygroup Practical Selfdefense means students can defend themselves effectively in any crisis. So they won't get hurt, keep their properties and can protect third parties. 

Experienced streetfighters will use their elbows!

In soccer elbows may not be used. Too dangerous!
In some Mixed Martial Arts tournaments elbows to the face and head are not allowed. 
The reason is obvious!
Thugs and muggers know the effects of elbowtechniques and use it to get victims hurt for real.

Why should decent citizens not learn how to use their elbows in our Anti-Huftertrainingen?
Victims always have a disadvantage!

Criminals in advance  precisely  choose who they victimize.
Criminals thereby ask themselves how likely it will be that they will be cought in the act and tried for their crimes.
Criminals ensure to be(come) tougher, meaner, stronger, more experienced and better trained than their victim(s).
Learn to defend yourself from a disadvantaged position and to fight with everything you have in and on you.

More information on our Facebook page of  Sta Vast Zelfverdediging.

Dare to make yourself small versus (much) larger opponents!

Victims are often smaller, lighter, less powerful and less trained than their criminal attackers.
At the same time many victims attempt to make themselves (look) bigger then they really are.
While (in our opinion) it more often is better to make yourself small(er) than your attacker is.
We teach our students to become so small that it bothers their opponents.

More information on the Facebook page of our Sta Vast Trainer Adrie de Herdt.
Get out of there and start running!

Escaping any danger is the most important defensive skill.
Run and you'll most likely survive an attack.
Run away from, jump over and crawl under objects is part of our selfdefense training.
Only by doing this participants find out how difficult this is in reality.
Groups of students get stuck in our windowpane practicing to get out of a building as quickly as possible.

Visit our Dutch website Scholierenzelfverdediging for more information on training for schoolchildren and adolescent students. 

Brace yourself under pressure of aggression and violence!

If you can't get away, brace yourself and stand your ground!
Your attacker cornered you and you can not hide yourself? Start the fight!
You are attacked in your own home? Your home is your castle!
Grab what you can, create a chokepoint and rage war on the home-invaders
Learn to fight effectively in small and confined spaces.

Do you want to know more? Visit our website Sta Vast Training.

Call us at 0031 (0)6-13886352

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