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Our vision: Control, Confidence and Countering 


Never get scared anymore.
Improve your concentration.
Learn to stay focused in the exact moment of agression and violence.
Selfdefense is nothing but action and reaction.
Defense and counterattack merge into one single action that neutralize attacks.
Completely focused on anything that is coming and that needs to be done.
Let no one ever surprise you anymore.

Check the Dutch website of our Anti-Huftertraining.


Develop healthy selfconfidence with training SPZ offers you.
Support and encourage your own personal growth and development.
Recognise that family, relatives and friends are the only truly important things in your life.
Dare to defend this with full force, always and everywhere.
Dare to fight with all you have and everything that's available.
For example, use the body of your car in selfdefense.

Visit the Dutch Facebook page of Sta Vast Zelfverdediging.


Combine the courage to defend yourself with softness that comes from solidarity with family, relatives and friends into gentle and at the same time daring actions.
SPZ-trainees learn not to seek for confrontations in a fight, but for solutions to the conflict
Dodging attacks will become the basics of your selfdefense, in which soft and hard strategies, tactics and techniques complement each other.

Learn to ensure that attackers can never hit you.

For more info, check out the Facebookpage of Sta Vast Trainer Adrie de Herdt.

Add yourself as a connection to the LinkedIn-page of Adrie de Herdt, owner of the Dutch Studygroup Praktical Selfdefense and selfdefense instructor at Sta Vast Training in Bussum The Netherlands.

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